Each year we welcome the Trade to attend our exclusive tasting session. This session runs from 12:00pm – 4:00pm on the Friday of the event. Guests are asked to register for this tasting. All guests must work within the hospitality industry and directly impact the wine industry.  Stay tuned for Trade registration by signing up for our newsletter below.


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Past Master Classes (2020)

The Port Authority

  • The Fladgate Partnership presents…
    The Port Authority

    Date: November 8th / 2:00pm

  • Taylor 1970 SHP
  • Taylor 30 YO
  • Taylor 2016 Vintage
  • Croft 2016 Vintage
  • Croft Quinta da Roeda 2005 in place of the Vargallas 
  • Fonseca 2016 Vintage
  • Fonseca 20 YO
  • Fonseca Quinta do Panascal 2008

Geek out on Island Pinot

  • Date: November 6th  at 12:00pm

    Explore the tastes of the Islands Pinot at the Victoria International Wine Festivals Master Class.
    Topic: Pinot Noirs from Vancouver Island

Emandare 2017 Pinot Noir
Kutatás Wines 2018 Ferment Nine Pinot Noir
2018 Unsworth Vineyards Pinot Noir
Rathjen Cellars ‘Saison Vineyard’ Pinot Noir 2018
2018 40 Knots Pinot Noir

2018 Somenos Pinot Noir

The Indigenous Grapes of Italy

  • Date: November 7th at 12:00pm

    Explore the tastes of Italy at the Victoria International Wine Festivals Master Class.

Emilio Romagna Trerè Arlùs 2019
Lazio Casale del Giglio Biancolella 2017
Lazio Casale del Giglio Matidia 2018
Sardegna Sardus Pater Carignano del Sulcis ‘Arruga’ 2013
Sardegna Sardus Pater Lugore Vermentino 2017
Trentino Cesconi Manzoni Bianco 2019
Trentino Fanti Nosiola 2019
Trentino Ulzbach Teroldego 2018
Veneto Sorelle Bronca Particella 232 2018
Emilio Romagna Chiara Condello Predappio Riserva Le Lucciole 2016