Tasting Ticket

$95+ service fees and taxes
  • Gives you access to the tasting room based on the time you purchase

Super Pass

$199+ service fees and taxes
  • Gives you access to all tastings and two seminars

Seminar Tickets

$4799+ service fees and taxes
  • Gives you access to the seminar you pick

Wine Dinner Tickets

$125-150+ service fees and taxes
  • Gives you access to the wine dinner you select.


Each ticket includes access to samples of hundreds of wines. Upon entry, you will be given a wine glass and a brochure to guide you through the presenting vendors. Each vendor will be showcasing their own portfolio, many with Principals from the wineries they are showcasing!


Tickets range from $47-$300 depending on the ticket type. Tickets are broken down by seminars, and tasting sessions. Seminars are 1 hour long and Tasting Sessions run for 2.5 hours.

Ticket Policies

All tickets are final sale. No refunds, exchanges, or replacement tickets. All ticket prices include wine, and food (if it is a food event). All attendees must be 19+. NO MINORS. Note: Two pieces of ID will be required at all events. Please taste responsibly. Make a plan to get home safely. Festival events begin promptly. All tasting periods are 2.5 hours. The Victoria Wine Festival does not accept liability for tickets lost or misplaced after they are printed and issued. Refunds, exchanges, and replacement tickets will not be granted. Group rates for select events are for 10+ and must be purchased in one transaction. Tips and important information: Buy early! Many events will sell out in advance. We do our best to make everything perfect, but event details are subject to change without notice and without a refund. Please refrain from stinky stuff like perfume, cologne, aftershave, and hairspray. The noses, palates, and wines in the room will thank you. Dress code: We suggest smart business or dress casual attire. To go the distance in the Tasting Room, wear really comfortable shoes. Access to the Wine Shop is for individuals with corresponding tasting room session tickets ONLY. Get Home Safe: Please taste responsibly and make a plan.\Take a taxi. Assign a designated driver. Walk. Just don’t drink and drive. We want you to get home safely. At most Festival events, we serve tasting pours. Your job is not to swallow every ounce that is poured. Do master the fine art of spitting and/or dumping in the buckets provided at each station. If you don’t like to spit, feel free to sip and savor, then pour out the rest of your glass. Water stations will be located throughout the event for refreshing glasses.