2019 Regional Sponsor

The Victoria International Wine Festival is very excited to welcome Wines of Argentina as the 2019 Featured region. Wines of Argentina is the organization that, since 1993, promotes the Argentine wine brand and image worldwide, spreading knowledge of the winemaking regions of Argentina. In addition, WofA contributes to direct the country’s export strategy by studying and analyzing changing trends in consumer markets. Its aim is to contribute to the consolidation of Argentina as one of the main wine exporting countries in the world and to the global success of the Argentine wine industry by enhancing its positive image in the wine trade, among opinion leaders and consumers. Argentina’s wine producers are breaking new ground and redefining winemaking today. By combining exceptional terroirs of great diversity with classic and indigenous grape varieties, by mixing tried-and-true traditions with cutting edge technology and modern techniques, they are able to continually improve Argentina’s wine offering.


Tasting table Features:

Bodega de Arte Claroscuro Malbec 16.99 256900 SPEC
Bodega Norton Barrel Select Malbec 14.49 205351 BCLS
Bodega Norton Barrel Select Sauvignon Blanc 13.49 191825 SPEC
Bodega Norton Privada 24.49 519439 BCLS
Bodega Norton Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 16.49 201152 SPEC
Bodega Norton Reserva Malbec 18.99 572743 BCLS
Condor Peak Malbec 14.00 646364 SPEC
El Enemigo Chardonnay, Mendoza 34.99 178470 SPEC
Finca Los Primos Malbec 12.99 632919 BCLS
Finca Los Primos Torrontes 12.99 538025 BCLS
Humberto Canale Pinot Noir 19.59 157123 SPEC
La Mascota Cabernet Sauvignon 16.99 641688 BCLS
Luigi Bosca La Linda Unoaked Chardonnay 18.99 122724 SPEC
Luigi Bosca Malbec 23.99 418038 BCLS
Renacer Punto Final Malbec 16.99 455980 BCLS
Susana Balbo Wines BenMarco Malbec 25.49 355321 BCLS
Susana Balbo Wines Crios Malbec 17.99 442061 BCLS
Wienert Cabernet Sauvignon 32.99 151925 BCLS
Wienert Malbec 32.99 151866 BCLS
Clos de Los Siete 25.99 128710 BCLS